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Gaming is gambling.   You pay money to play a game of chance with the hope of winning a prize.  Casinos, racetracks, and lotteries, among others, offer games of chance. Gaming is strictly regulated under federal, state, and tribal laws. For example, the federal government established the National Indian Gaming Commission to regulate the conduct of Indian gaming, and individual tribes have established gaming offices to oversee the gaming conducted on their land. Similarly, states that permit gaming usually have a commission that oversees the industry and, if a state has a lottery, it is normally operated and overseen by a separate board or commission. Attorney Charles E. Buri was the Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery from 1983-1987.

Experience counts when representing players

One of the purposes of regulating gaming is to protect the public by making sure that games are run honestly and prizes are paid as promised.  Sometimes, however, that does not happen and as a result players are denied prizes they rightfully won. If that happens to you, you need the help of an attorney who knows this area of the law and has experience representing players. Charles E. Buri has that knowledge and experience.  Since serving as the Executive Director or the Arizona Lottery, he has successfully represented many players in disputes with gaming operators and regulators.

Sound advice can make the difference

Attorney Charles E. Buri also advises and represents businesses on gaming related matters.  For example, there may be a question about the legality of a business opportunity or promotional activity under anti-gambling laws. Similarly, a business may be facing the threat of governmental action or a civil lawsuit based on a claim that it is engaged in illegal gaming. If you are dealing with issues of this sort, get the advice of an attorney with years of experience and a breadth of knowledge in gaming related matters. Call Attorney Charles E. Buri.

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